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Protector of Animals in Girona

In Girona is the animal protection KMAKUS, located in Santa Cristina d´Aro, where we dedicate ourselves to the rescue of abandoned animals, in situation of mistreatment or in danger, to find them a house of welcome, with the purpose of being given in responsible adoption to their new adoptive family, where our dogs and cats can live a happy life, where to give their love and tenderness.

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Association of Animals in Girona


When an animal enters us, the first thing we do (if possible) is a veterinary clinical study, external and internal deworming, corresponding vaccine, chip, sterilization and sanitary card. We can enter from a puppy to a senior in his last days of life, so each case is special, and is treated individually.

They are delivered with adoption contract, the cost of adoption is only the veterinary expense, at a reduced price, as our veterinarians help us to continue our work, offering us very low prices.  The protector does NOT get any benefit for this service, but in many cases we lose money.

We do not have a shelter, we are not a kennel (gossera), nor do we have a space set up for dogs or cats in adoption, so we only help those who can enter the house, and we are already in overbooking 😉  We work with volunteers who want to be a foster home for a few days, while we find the responsible person, who will be the adopter.

If you would like to be a shelter in Girona, contact us.

protectorakmakus@gmail.com or to the telephone of the protector 722616150

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All right, it is a great job to help a living being to have his second chance, he or she, will thank you for the rest of his life giving you love and tenderness. But it is also a great responsibility, the animals have their needs as every living being, it needs a habitat and basic services to be able to live happily next to you.

Our goal is that the adoption is as satisfactory as possible, both for the animal and for the family that will welcome him, and therefore we give the necessary advice to help choose the animal and to solve any problem that may appear in the future.

What would you like to adopt? a dog? a cat? In our website you can see the animals that we have available at all times, is updated, look at the record of each bug in the situation in which it is.  If you are interested in knowing a little more about one of them, contact us or send us the PRE-ADOPTION questionnaire.  We will solve your doubts and help you in the process you request.

Remember we are here to help you, so that you can help our animals.

Some of the animals that have already found their new home, we are very happy for them


perro en adopcion
perro en adopcion
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gato en adopcion

What is the animal and plant protection society and how does it work?
The association KMAKUS, is an animal protector in Girona, an entity based on the worldwide organization of non-profit NGOs.

As such, it has statutes where we show our mission, vision, social object, functions and obligations.

Our foundation was constituted in March 2018, where it was mainly written of what KMAKUS does and says, as a network of animal protectors.  Therefore, our story started recently (don’t look for us in WIKIPEDIA, we don’t go out) 😉 , but we hope to help as much as possible.

The main objective, is to give in responsible adoption dogs (gossos) or cats (gats) as protectors in Girona.

Location: Santa Cristina d´Aro (Girona).

Zone of action, Baix Empordà: Sant Antoni de Calonge, Palamós, Llagostera, Platja d´Aro, Torroella de Montgrí, Cassa de la Selva, Sant Feliu Guíxols, Caldes de Malavella, Castell d´Aro, S´agaro, Palafrugell, Vall-llobrega. We hope to be close to me.

You can see the Google maps at the bottom of this page.

Address: We are in the Urb Vall Repos (private house)

Telephone Number: 722616150

Hours of operation: normally during working hours from Monday to Friday. (may change)

Web: https://kmakus.org

soon in english (english) and quietly we will not use the wordreference 😊

Difference between kennel and protective association.
To simplify, the first is understood as a physical place where there are cages or shelters for dogs and cats. It can be municipal or private, and they usually receive economic aid from the administration. They are a collection centre or animal shelter.

The second, is a group of people who come together and form, do not have to have a physical space, nor do they receive help from any institution, such as the animal shelter in Girona KMAKUS.

Requirements to open a shelter
If you want to know how to create or mount one, it is very simple, you need to be at least 3 people, and register in the judicial department of your community. Pay the registration fees, and get your CIF. From there, you can help many pets to find their home.

Requirements to work
Like any company in the workplace. Nothing specific.  Although most of us normally work with volunteers, if I want to be a volunteer contact the one closest to your home.

What to donate?
You can differentiate between economic or physical.  If you don’t want or can’t donate money, you can donate feed or food for dogs and cats, kennels or toys, kennels, blankets, etc. There are some groups that encourage the collection of plastic caps. Any help is welcome. Contact the animal protection agency in Girona KMAKUS, for more information.

What do I do if I see an animal mistreatment?
The first thing not to put you in danger, if you are in a situation of risk the best thing is to call the police, and to put the corresponding denunciation, exists the law of animal protection in case of arriving at judgment. We will help you leave your dog in an animal collection centre.

What kind of breeds do we have?
Normally we have unwanted litters, which are crosses, the so-called mestizos, although more and more we are surprised to find puppies (cadells) of Maltese bichon dog, French bulldog, yorkshire, German shepherd and Belgian, among others …

In Cats, especially in spring is when we find many abandoned puppies or babies, for the same reason, unwanted litters, especially common European, but in some cases also Siamese, Persian, British, Russian blue, angora …

Please, run away from advertisements like: puppies are given away in Girona, dog or cat for free, they are usually people with very little responsibility towards their pets.

Do you need more information?

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