Adopt Cats

Cats in Adoption in Girona:

Here you can find kittens for adoption, which have been abandoned, rescued or were in kennels, Girona gossers. You can find cats of different breeds, most are mixed but have the same footprint, in some cases you can find from a Siberian cat, baby kittens, Siamese puppies, Persians, puppies of cats, or the common European cat. In any case, any of them will be your future pet. We recommend that before buying in a shop, or in a typical advertisement I sell cat, you give cats, cat puppies, kittens. free Think, reasons and visit the animal protection associations of Barcelona and Girona. Adopting a cat is going to cost you money, less than buying it new, but they are not going to give it to you, in exchange you will have it dewormed, sterilized, with its chip, vaccines and sanitary card to the day. Do it by the gatetes, now we have puppies in adoption Barcelona and Girona. adopt cat girona.