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Dogs in Adoption in Girona

Here you can find dogs that have been abandoned, or that we have rescued, or that were in kennels, Girona, where we have taken them to help their adoption. You can find dogs of different breeds, most are mixed, but in some cases you can find from German Shepherd puppies, Labrador dog, Doberman, Chihuahua, Maltese, dogs of different sizes, large, medium and small. In any case, any of them will be your future pet.We recommend that before buying in a shop, or in a typical advertisement I sell a dog, dogs are given away, puppies are given away, you visit the animal protection associations, why?- In stores, most important to them is the economic benefit, they do not care if the dog is good or bad, give you a guarantee or exchange for another, we know of the complaints that have had several companies for the treatment they have suffered animals. - Individuals who give away dogs, are people who have not sterilized their dog and find the surprise, or the false myth that it is good to breed at least once, they give away the dog and then we find the abandonment. - Private individuals who sell dogs, apart from being illegal, in some cases have their dog raised several times for their economic benefit, regardless of the damage they may occasionally do to the animal. - Protectors and animal shelters, the animals they have, are those who have abandoned, are sick or mistreated, the protectors rehabilitate them and offer them a new life. They may not be purebred, they are not as pretty as the ones in the shop, but I assure you that they are much more grateful.Now you can choose, adopting is going to cost you money, less than buying a new one, but they are not going to give it to you, in exchange you will have it dewormed, sterilized, with its chip, vaccines and sanitary card to the day, to price of protector.Tell me, what do you choose?
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