Who are we?

Protector Of Animals In Girona
KMAKUS is a non-profit association, born in March 2018 in Santa Cristina d´Aro (Girona) and with representation in Argentona (Barcelona).

With the intention of taking in abandoned or mistreated animals, taking care of them and looking for a new home for them under the condition of responsible adoption.

We do not have a shelter, we work with individuals who offer themselves as volunteers, to be houses for the shelter of some animal, whether dog, cat or exotic, that they will have in their home while we find an adopter. 

The Animal Protection Association KMAKUS, is a non-profit organization, born in March 2018.

in Santa Cristina d´Aro (Girona) and with representation in Argentona (Barcelona).
With the intention of taking in abandoned or mistreated animals, taking care of them and looking for a new home for them.

We do not have a shelter, we work with volunteers who want to be shelters for an animal, whether dog, cat or exotic, who will have it at home while we find an adopter.

What do we do?

gata con cachorros

Rescue, pick up, take care… Because we are unable to look the other way, when we find something like this…

A cat with her puppies, abandoned in the street to her fate, there are those who pass by and don’t even look at her, others even throw stones at them or kick them…

We don’t have that mentality, we can’t leave it there, we take it home, we’ll find an owner for these cat babies, and mommy because we’ll have to sterilize her clearly… and the little ones when they’re older… Good thing the town halls are there for that, right? That with our taxes they already pay to the protectors so that they take charge of all the expenses. EYELLOW! We put our own money, we spend what we don’t have, so that those little ones can have a dignified life.

Not everything is so beautiful, the protectors suffer not only for the economic, which is what everyone sees … is that you are charged for adopting an animal … we only charge the costs of chipar, sterilize and vaccinate, and thanks to veterinary collaborators you get cheaper than if you do it to another to “buy” in a store or a neighbor gives you…
We suffer economically, physically and mentally, how many animals are gone … how many we could save, even ruining us with the bill of the vete … are things that are not seen, but we will continue to do, and not thinking about the adopter, but thinking about the welfare of the animal.


And why we do it… I don’t know, maybe because we don’t think about ourselves, we think about them more, because we enjoy seeing as nothing a tent inside a pond that you have built for her and everything because a friend of a friend told you:
I’ve been told that you like animals, I have a tent in a round fish tank (my mother!) and I don’t want it anymore, it bothers me, if you want I’ll give it to you, because if I don’t want to throw it in the WC one of these days…
Well, give it to me, if you don’t want it, I’ll ask if someone likes it…

and motivates us to continue, for all they give us:

gato dentro de secadora
gatos encima de WC
gato cara llena yogur

Because we love you even if you don’t let us put the dryer on…

Because they wait for you every morning in a place they know you’re sure to go…

Because they make us laugh!

Why don’t we forget them, even if they’re no longer with us…

perritos de las praderas

because we suffer as much as they do…

Why don’t we understand why they call it a wild animal, when it has come into our house to ask for food…

Because we can’t stop enjoying them, whether they are dogs, cats… or babies of prairie dogs.

Because they don’t like them! Have 4 legs or 2 DUCKS! xD (bad joke)

If you have come all the way down here, you like animals as much as we do, now you just have to help us…
become a foster home, adopt a dog, cat or exotic buy something in our solidarity store, or make us a donation, does not have to be money, all help is well appreciated …

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